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Hybrid / Plug-in Hybrid keyvisual

Hybrid /
Plug-in Hybrid

Perfectly aligned hybrid technology.

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Hybrid / Plug-in Hybrid

SUVs requires SUV-specific hybrid systems. That’s why SANTA FE uses an exclusive hybrid system, that delivers increased power to provide optimal driving and braking performance, as well as high fuel efficiency. A reallocated battery space also creates more room in the second row and cargo area.
Perfectly aligned hybrid technology.

Smartstream 1.6 T HEV

A maximum power of 230ps at 5,500rpm & a maximum torque of 350Nm
smartstream 1.6 t hev powertrain
230 ps
Max. Torque
350 Nm
smartstream 1.6 t hev powertrain


In order to achieve optimal hybrid performance as an SUV, an exclusive TMED (Transmission Mounted Electric Device) type is applied to the SANTA FE. This enhances the output power and performance of the electric motor.

Electric motor

A maximum power of 44.2kW and a maximum torque of 264Nm.
Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrid

SANTA FE PHEV powerful 13.8kWh battery and 66.9kW motor can also quickly switch from all-electric to the hybrid gasoline engine when sudden acceleration is needed or in case of an emergency, offering uncompromised driving pleasure and safety.

Electric motor

A maximum power of 66.9kW and a maximum torque of 304Nm.
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