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What a difference three days make

What a difference
three days make

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Contrary to popular belief, sustainable living isn’t about giving up all the things you love for a minimal lifestyle. It is about being environmentally conscious and a pursuit in taking the small steps needed to help the planet. In fact, there are simple everyday hacks which can actually help you save money, while you save our planet. At Hyundai, we call these Save&Save Hacks – and to put them to the test, we challenged four people, all from different walks of life, to try them out over three days.

Finding time to eat
your way back to health

Vanessa Lee, 27

A Sceptical Start

As someone who is self-confessed workaholic, Vanessa Lee admits that she finds it hard to maintain a healthy diet. Grabbing late night meals and snacks in between her busy schedule, Vanessa has always struggled with finding time to focus on what she eats. So when we approached her to take on the 3-day Vegetarian Save&Save Challenge, she was sceptical at first. Would she be even able to change her eating habits and go veggie or would she crumble on the first day? But if it meant that she could save more money and help her health, why not give it a go?

Day One:
Old habits die hard

“Wish me luck!” tweeted Vanessa. It was the first day of her challenge, and she was off to the shops. Feeling anxious, Vanessa was concerned whether she could achieve an appetising meal with only vegetables. Meal prepping was also new to her and for this Save&Save Hack, she needed ingredients that would last for the whole week.

This definitely wasn’t something she was used to. This time shopping with recipes in mind, Vanessa bought ingredients that could be used in multiple dishes and spread across the week so that she could get the most use out of everything. Best of all with no meat in her cart, a week’s worth of ingredients only cost $25! Maybe this might work out after all.

Old habits die hard

Day Two:
Protein powering the day

Another concern of Vanessa’s was that on a plant based diet she would get hungry in between meals. An afternoon snack was a bit of a guilty pleasure but now with only vegetables to munch on how would she keep her hunger at bay? We challenged Vanessa to find a green alternative to her afternoon pantry visit and show us how tasty and convenient a simple veggie snack can be.

Well a great tip she discovered from her co-worker was to try edamame. A small bowl heated up can provide 20g of protein and it tastes great. “I’m starting to really get into this new way of life, and my commute to work is now filled with adding more new food ideas to my Pinterest board!” Vanessa revealed.

Protein powering the day

Day Three:
A lifestyle to be shared with others

On her final day of the challenge, we introduced Vanessa to a smart tip for vegetarians: Don’t give up your favourite foods, just find a meat replacement. One of the biggest barriers to going vegetarian is the fear of giving up that much loved meat dish, but often its not the meat we crave its the taste of the dish itself. So we tasked Vanessa to invite a few friends over that evening and share her favourite dish, lasagne - but meat free.

A lifesytle to be shared with others

“It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I thought I would be giving up the things I love but I’ve gained more things to love whilst feeling healthier too!”

I never thought about the idea of replacing one ingredient, I would have looked for vegetable only recipes.” she admitted. Filling the lasagne with eggplant instead of meat, Vanessa proudly cooked for her friends and was amazed by the positive reaction.

“They all said it tasted great and I think a few friends are now considering changing their habits to go plant based too!” Vanessa beamed. Her final verdict? “I’m so glad I tried the challenge! It was actually easier than I feared. I’m glad for changes to my diet and working towards a healthier lifestyle”.

Feeling healthier

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I thought I would be giving up the things I love but I’ve gained more things to love whilst feeling healthier too! VANESSA LEE

Sustainable living

Hyundai &

Hyundai is committed to making life more sustainable, taking positive steps to do the right thing for our global community. That might be encouraging smarter ways to live a sustainable life, or the advent of fuel cell technology. Big or small it doesn’t matter, it’s the direction we are moving in that counts. We believe in progress for everyone and that future innovation needs to be developed with sustainability at its core. That is how we will help to make sustainable living easy for one and all.


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