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DESIGNGlobal Marketing Awards 2019

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Before the first snowfall of winter 2019, we reviewed the best marketing campaigns from Hyundai globally. A yearly event, cumulating in a gathering of Hyundai Marketers from all around the world, to share and vote for the best ideas and activations - judged under 3 key criteria: Original, Stunning and Impactful.

What’s in a
great idea?

This year saw a total of 61 submissions from 36 different regions, competing in 3 different categories: Communication, Experience & Activation and Effectiveness.

What’s in a great idea? What makes a good idea truly great? Late nights, long hours, broken pencils, broken dreams, and many crushed hopes. But what emerges from the blood, sweat and tears is truly worth celebrating.

Eco parking
Kona afropunk


Our judging criteria for this year awards were:
Original – Unique and breakthrough ideas aligned with the new Hyundai Brand Identity.
Stunning – Beautifully executed ideas that are well-crafted and considered.
Impactful – Clear and measurable impact demonstrating business and cultural results.

Blood sweat tears

Best of the Best

Progress Campaign
Hyundai Motor Europe

Well-thought through expression highlighting our founder’s spirit and the heritage of our brand. SUNGWON JEE, CREATIVE WORKS GMA ’19 JURY

For the past 52 years, Hyundai has never stopped challenging itself to define what’s next. With significant momentum in Europe in both product and brand aspects, research still showed that Hyundai was not known as a progressive challenger.

The #NextAwaits campaign was introduced to cement Hyundai’s place as the most progressive brand in the new mobility race.

Communication Best Practice

Next Generation. Now.

Next Generation. Now.
Hyundai Motor New Zealand

Equivalent to 245 school runs for only $400 per year to run. Next generation stuff, now.

Experience & Activation
Best of the Best

Eco Parking
Hyundai Motor Spain

A customized parking machine idea was really fresh. It showed a well-expressed idea, with strong relevance between an automobile brand and an environmental matter. KIYOUNG KIM, INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE GMA ’19 JURY

To reinforce Hyundai’s eco-friendly strategy and in conjunction with the launch of the new Hyundai Kona Electric and Hybrid, Hyundai Spain created the first outdoor beach parking machine where you pay with your used plastic containers. The initiative not only raised awareness with a reach of 9.6 million but cleared 13.5k plastic bottles, equivalent to around 16 liters of plastic in 45 days.

Experience & Activation Best Practice

Kona Launch

Kona Launch
Hyundai Motor South Africa

Launching Kona to unique individuals that are authentic and true.

Kona Color Drive

Kona Color Drive
Hyundai Motor Saudi Arabia

You drive it, you win it.

Best of the Best

Santa Fe X Tayo Hugbelt Campaign
Hyundai Motor Korea

Santa fe x tayo hugbelt campaign

What a simple and intelligent way to convince kids - and to make driving safer. It’s no wonder that the effects are so good. PETER WAIBEL, JUNG VON MATT

How do you get your children to strap up in the car?

Hyundai Korea collaborated with toy brand Tayo to create a doll that was specially designed to be attached to the seat belt so as to encourage children to buckle up, enhancing Santa Fe’s image of safety.

Effectiveness Best Practice

Hyundai N

Hyundai N
Hyundai Motor Germany

N-gaging through Germany’s No. 1 influencer

Live with Hyundai

Live with Hyundai
Hyundai Motor Lebanon

Reflecting true Lebanese lifestyle through Live with Hyundai.

Congrats to all our winners


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