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Driving change

DESIGNStyle Set Free @ Milan Design Week 2019 - Driving change.


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Hyundai revealed its new vision for automotive interiors at Milan Design Week in last April, teaming up with Monocle on a design-themed podcast series and a roundtable on the future of mobility. Here’s what we learned.

Looking ahead

How would Hyundai change in the future
as technology evolves?

In the future shared transport, AI technology and autonomous driving will become part of daily life. A fundamental change in car use is inevitable and Hyundai is transforming itself into a “smart mobility service company” to provide consumers with smart solutions.

Looking ahead

Drivers will enjoy freedom of movement with the added benefits of time and space. Electric motors allow for more room and flexibility inside the car and furniture-inspired interior design and sustainable materials will increase everybody’s comfort.


Customers will be able to customise materials, colour and interior styles. ‘Style Set Free’ is the consumer experience of the future that will enable users to create their own unique in-car lifestyle with upgradeable products and services.

For example, a mother could remove the seats in the car and install a table to have breakfast, or a father could switch a seat for a rowing machine. The EV screens could facilitate online shopping, simple medical check-ups and educational content for children. All are possible in the car of tomorrow.

Material exhibition

On Hyundai's
Style Set Free

How is Hyundai approaching the future of mobility? Wonhong Cho: The mobi

Wonhong Cho: The mobility business model has not changed for more than a century. Cars have existed to take people from one place to another but technology is changing the role of the car. With Style Set Free we help consumers create their own life space within the car. Electric vehicles have flatter floors, which will create more space in comparison to traditional engines. With the help of self-driving technology, people can interact with fellow passengers and have a different experience on their own, instead of having to pay attention behind the wheel.

Wonhong Cho, Chief Marketing Officer

Wonhong Cho, Chief Marketing Officer

How is Hyundai communicating this?

Wonhong Cho: We are working on redefining our brand essence from the old message of “modern premium” to “quality time”. We will launch a campaign to communicate our new brand essence and use different platforms, like Milan Design Week, to explain the concept of Style Set Free and provide quality time to our customers. In Milan we offered a glimpse of how our cars could reflect consumer lifestyles and needs in a very intuitive and interesting way.

External view

Interacting with artists and designers helps us to think innovatively and contribute to the development of society.


Why was Milan Design Week so important?

Wonhong Cho: We don’t want to just present our idea – we like to share the idea of Style Set Free with people from the fields of design and art. Interacting with artists and designers helps us to think innovatively and contribute to the development of society. This kind of platform allows us to do that well.

Hyundai x Monocle @ Milan Design Week

Object exhibition


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