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[HMC] Technology Research Center’s First Socially Responsible Corporation Launches H&S Duriban, Inc.

2010.03.30 11:34:23 No. 15965

On January 22, in conjunction with Hwaseong New Town Association (a nonprofit organization), HMC Technology Research Center (headed by DirectorLee Eun-chan) launched H&S Duriban, Inc., theresearch center’s first corporation intended for the fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities. The opening ceremony was attended by over fifty guests, including the Mayor of Hwaseong and the Chairman of the Hwaseong Municipal Council.

Beginning with a presentation by Office Director Eom Ki-eun, the ceremony featured the keynote speech by Mayor Choi Yeong-geun, an address in response by Seo Bong-hee who works at Duriban,  ribbon cutting and photo ops. The guests participated in a small ritual for the success of the company and shared tea and desserts.

H&S Duriban, specializing in the production of‘Hope-ful and Love-ful’, mainly installs and operate sunmanned vendor kiosks in the New Town association buildings in Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong. The company employs five seniors (over the age 65)and one physically disabled person. Director Lee Eun-chan said in his speech: “Duriban intends to install fifty unmanned vendor kiosks in major public service administrations and stores in Hwaseong. It also plans to employ over thirty seniors and disabled people. The more ‘Hope-ful, Love-ful’the City of Hwaseong and its resident businesses purchase, the easier it will be for us to employ these members of our society and help us branch out in creating a second, and even a third socially responsible corporation, in conjunction with theHwaseong New Town Association.”

HMC has run various social commitment programs in conjunction with the Hwaseong New Town Association, under the shared slogan of “Moving the World Together.” The City of Hwaseong has independently been managing its own social welfare programs. Since last spring, however, HMC and the City of Hwaseong collaborated on various projects, helping to synergize each other’s strengths.


H&S Duriban is only part of this collaborative partnership and was launched to provide employment for various marginalized groups of our society, including the elderly, the disabled, low-income families, North Korean refugees and other international immigrants. HMC will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities and help improve the welfare of the local citizens, in partnership with the local communities of Hwaseong, extending its enterprise to include dried seaweed processing, traditional bean paste factories, and soap-bar factories.


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