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Stronger and lighter : evolution for Hyundai
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Inner structure of an automobile

Electronic all-wheel-drive system Electronic all-wheel-drive system

HTRAC is an electronic all-wheel-drive system that makes it possible to allocate freely the distribution of traction between the front and rear wheels of the vehicle depending on driving conditions. It provides dynamism and stability to enhance the pleasure of driving or to help maneuver out of difficult road conditions.
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Ideal front and rear weight distribution in car body

Side view of a car with numbers, 51.2 and 48.8
Hyundai Motor has achieved 51.2 : 48.8 front-to-rear weight distribution, an ideal yet extremely difficult to achieve ratio, ensuring exceptional drivability. The wheelbase was extended with a reduced overhang at both the front and rear. However, the length of the front hood was increased to achieve a more dynamic profile. High-speed operation stability was also improved with improved aerodynamics.
(Genesis G330 with panoramic sunroof)
Powertrains seen through a transparent bonnet

Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH)

Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) measures range from the complete blockage of noise to the creation of new sounds that enhance driving pleasure. Moreover, it minimizes the penetration of engine noise and noise from the road by installing a bulkhead in the engine compartment and using effective soundproofing materials.
Visualization of wave of noise in red

Active Noise Control (ANC)

Active noise control (ANC) technology analyzes the noise level, frequency, and phase noise with the noise detection sensor installed in the vehicle and emits another sound wave in antiphase through the noise cancellation speaker for an effective noise reduction.
Visualization of wave of sound in blue

Active Sound Design (ASD)

Active sound design (ASD) effectively reproduces the engine sound by utilizing the built-in sound controller and provides a various selection of sound levels based on standard, sporty or silent driving modes to best suit the driver's preference.
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