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Sensuous Sportiness-
Evolvement of Our Design Identity

Car designs created with your feelings in mind

Hyundai Motor’s innovative vehicle designs are based on a principle called “Sensuous Sportiness”. By ensuring that we maximize people’s emotional values in harmony with a rigorous sense of proportion, structure, styling, and technology, we produce cars that meet and usually exceed, even the most demanding aesthetic choices of our customers.
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Sensuous Sportiness: Hyundai Motor’s next-generation design direction

Concept car
“Sensuous Sportiness” refers to Hyundai Motor’s next-generation design direction. It illustrates the design tastes that we have built up over the years by developing vehicles that are both futuristic-looking and sporty. Based on the principle of blending the intrinsic and intuitive beauty of automobiles with our very specific tastes in terms of styling, proportion, architecture, and technology, it totally reflects our philosophy of design.
Front design
Rear design
A prime example of this method of conceptualizing a vehicle’s design is found in the Hyundai Motor “Cascading Grille,” which can be interpreted as being a reflection of the pride and confidence that we take in our vehicles. The design was inspired by the flow of molten metal contained within a blast furnace when combined with the elegant lines of classical Korean pottery. The way that it narrows downwards to create a sense of power and speed is especially noteworthy. We plan to apply the Cascading Grille to all our vehicles going forward, beginning with our new i30 and Grandeur IG models.

Le Fil Rouge
Our commitment to achieving try-leading design excellence is also demonstrated by “Le Fil Rouge”, a concept car that exemplifies all the principles underlying Sensuous Sportiness. Recently unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the design elements exemplified within it will be reflected in all our future models, ranging from sedans to SUVs.

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Concept car direction
To carry out the demands of this new design direction to the maximum, we will, as always, pursue a design process that respects the originality, character, and characteristics of each of our vehicles. This will ensure that we are always offering our customers design values that include both functionality and aesthetics.

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