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Fluidic sculpture

Fluidic Sculpture, the design philosophy of Hyundai Motor Company, is nature-inspired design.
Three white Mighty and one blue Mighty parked on the road
Windshield Glass of Mighty with size indication

Wider Windshield Glass

A taller, wider side window provides the driver with a much better view for safer driving.
Crossed-dynamic radiator grille with a Hyundai Motors Company  logo

Crossed-dynamic radiator grille

Helps define powerful performance and promotes optimal engine cooling
Side view of Mighty

Whatever your payload

Classified according to gross vehicle weight, the Mighty range spans five different models from the 5.5-ton EX5 to the top-of-the-line EX9 which features a 4,850 mm-long deck and 8.2-ton GVW rating. The reinforced rear axle has a 6,600 kg maximum weight ratings so your cargo rides safely without worry. Powertrains are tailored to match respective cargo hauling capacities.


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