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All new AZERA Key Visual

The all-new AZERA (GRANDEUR)

Timeless Pioneer

The all-new AZERA (badged as GRANDEUR in Korea) comes to life in the bridge
between the present and the future. The Seamless Horizon Lamp represents the Timeless Pioneer’s
constant pursuit for progress and evolution. Its light’s silhouette was inspired by the dividing line
that separates the night from a new day, and its passionate lighting will glow up
to make its mark in the city’s night scenery.
The all-new AZERA is standing behind the setting sun. The water shows The all-new AZERA.

The Most Desirable Typology

Characterized by outstanding proportion and pure volume, AZERA elevates
its status as Hyundai’s flagship sedan. Take a closer look into the flush side body
where a horizontal line flow elegantly through it. The side profile consists of a sporty D-pillar
and a unique shark nose, accentuating AZERA’s harmonious image.
The Most Desirable Typology

Oasis for Relaxation

AZERA provides passengers with a clean and calming space that resembles an oasis.
The wide-open space delivers a restful experience to passengers while
the inner space architecture gently wraps around you. Lean back and relax.
You can enjoy reclining seats wherever you rest.
oasis for relaxation

Seamless Comfort

True seamless comfort is subtle. Before you notice it,
the interactive light and touchable control system make your driving experience
more innovative. Its intuitive technologies provide a spacious yet premium feeling
that promotes smoother mobility experience.
Seamless Comfort

Sophisticated Movement

The refined details of the Hyundai flagship sedan appear at the driving moment.
On any kind of road, the noise outside the world and inside your mind will disappear.
With the intelligent advanced driving technologies that automatically
responds to sudden danger, AZERA delicately protects passengers.
The image of The all-new AZERA on the highway under sunset.


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