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Human-Centred Mobility: From vision to reality

Human-Centered Mobility:
From vision to reality

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Since 2016, leaders from various disciplines including technology, energy, and design come together at the Mobility Innovators Forum (MIF) hosted by Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley. The purpose of MIF is clear: to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the mobility innovations to ensure the industry evolves with the needs of people.

Aerial robotics

Last year, MIF 2019 set the vision of ‘Human-Centered Mobility’ into motion. The forum discussed how technology and innovation should serve the needs of people and any new mobility concepts should support this vision, ultimately supporting communities around the globe.

This year, the MIF conference is focusing on the next steps needed to turn that vision into a reality.

Train design

With the vast transformation seen in the automotive industry over the past decade, it’s critical to ensure the next decade uses these advancements as Progress For Humanity – Hyundai Motors’ vision. It’s for this reason that Hyundai CRADLE has hosted this conference from the very beginning.

Hyundai CRADLE partners and invests extensively in prominent global startups to develop advanced future automotive technologies, including mobility services, artificial intelligence, robotics, smart energy, smart cities, and cyber security.

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In response to the global pandemic,
it is up to mobility leaders to prepare
for both the known, and the unknown.

MIF 2020 brings leaders together to discuss ‘vision to reality’: how to upscale the future of mobility, improve partnerships, and uphold sustainability values and goals.

Future vehicle
Satellite map

MIF 2020 will be streaming live
to you in October 2020.

Find out more about the virtual event, speakers and how you can attend the event by signing up here:

We’re excited to create a better future for you, with you.


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