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Buckle Up and #FlattenTheCurve!

Buckle Up and


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In the battle against COVID-19, creativity wins. Progress, and indeed the survival of humanity depend on quick thinking and embracing unexpected solutions.

From as early as February, South Korea saw its first ‘drive through’ testing sites popping up. With the car being by nature a private and sealed off sanctuary, it has proved to be the perfect waiting room for people waiting to get tested without the risk of infecting others. Being tested quickly and efficiently from the comfort of one’s own car can also help eliminate the stress and stigma that comes from visiting a busy clinic.

Drive through in South Korea

Drive through in South Korea

Roadside testing was first introduced by local governments in Seoul, but due to its success it is now being rolled out all over the world, particularly in the US, Canada, Germany and Australia. At medical centers, parking lots and even outside churches, drive through clinics are rapidly becoming the new norm. And with lack of testing being a big barrier to getting a handle on the pandemic, this innovative solution could signal a significant turning.

With testing proving to be the most effective means of stopping the spread of the virus around the world, doctors are looking for new ways to get people tested safely and quickly. Cue the unexpected hero in this battle: the automobile.

The virus has invited all of us to radically change our habits and how we see the world. And now it’s even forced us to reimagine what a car can be, overnight. In addition to being a symbol of the freedom of movement, the car now can help protect another kind of freedom - the freedom that comes from good health. At Hyundai we believe that progress for humanity is always possible, even in the most difficult times. All it takes is a willingness to think outside the box. Or in this case, thinking outside the car.



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