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left side view of testing car


Feedback, precision and
predictable response

High-performance N is pure power in combination with excellent technology : Feedback, precision and predictable response are at its best to
feel the feeling

left front view of driving i20 in a sandstorm

A performance car developed by N-gineers, inspired by Motorsport
to feel the feeling

left side engineers is checking the car in the workshop
right front view of i20n in a sandstorm
Inspired by Motorsport

Internalized the motorsport technology and applied it to road going cars.
This is why we call WRC and TCR the
cradle of N.

engineers is checking i30n in the workshop
Albert Biermann interview
Developed by N-gineers

“I personally have put all my experience and expertise into the development of N.”

- Albert Biermann -

Core Technologies in high-performance N

Things to raise
for high-performance

  • High Power

    An engine with high power output is an essential requirement for high-speed, high-performance vehicles.

  • High Strength

    The level of frame tensile strength is an important factor that affects both the feel of driving and the vehicle’s overall durability.

Things to lower
for high-performance

  • Low center of gravity design

    Technology that lowers the center of gravity to maintain momentum during frequent cornering and driving at high speed is a key technology in high-performance vehicle development.

  • Lightweight

    The technology to reduce weight while maintaining existing levels of strength and stability through the use of lighter materials and an optimized frame structure is a necessity.

  • Aerodynamic
    Cooling System

    The creation of lift lowers top speed, and high heat causes vehicle parts to deform. Technologies that reduce the severity of these two issues are extremely important.

Key Elements ‘Forming a solid foundation’

When you put your foot down,
you can’t help but break out into a childish grin.

left side rear view of testing car on the corner of the road

Key Technology

    • N High-performance Engine

      Up to 275 PS The specially developed 2.0-liter turbocharged engine benefits from a linear throttle response and a flat torque curve. In standard form, the power output is 250 PS, or 275 PS with the Performance Package. Maximum torque is 353 Nm, and 378 Nm on overboost.

    • N 6-Speed Manual Transmission

      A crisp shifter and a tight clutch You are in control. The i30 N has stronger gears, a carbon synchronizer ring, and a strong clutch. These enhanced inner parts are built to cope with the high-performance N’s higher engine power. Short shift travel helps with fast shifting so you can always feel the feeling.

    • N Specific Chassis

      Feedback, traction, hungry for corners When developing the chassis of the i30 N, the main points of focus were on feedback, traction, and cornering. The stability of the chassis holds the vehicle firm when braking under high speed, and keeps momentum high when cornering, enabling you to accelerate quickly out of a turn, and making the i30 N a vehicle that’s hungry for corners.

    • Advanced Hyundai High Strength Steel

      A Solid foundation The i30 N showed how capable it is in the Nürburgring 24-hour race. It impressively demonstrated how reliable and fast it can be. This level of performance requires a very stiff body structure, which serves as the fundamental basis that enables overall chassis performance.

The 3 Pillars of N the foundation of the feeling

N is built on the concepts of 3 main pillars which give it
a unique identity, define its appeal, and explain its technology.

rear view of blue i30n braking on the road in raining

Corner Rascal

N loves corners’

detailed view of R19 tire
N gives you a unique carving feel when cornering

Key Technology

    • N Power Sense Axle

      The front axle that communicates Imagine a front axle that seems to respond intuitively to your thoughts. That’s the feeling you get every time you drive with the N Power Sense Axle. This axle is specially designed for high-performance. It incorporates the N Electronic Control Suspension, which enhances stability by adjusting the continually variable dampers.

    • N Corner Carving Differential

      Keeping you on track Specifically designed and engineered by Hyundai to provide a unique carving feel through even the most challenging corners, this differential maintains maximum fun and stability throughout braking, and when entering and exiting corners.

    • N Traction and Stability Control

      Like a good co-pilot The in-house developed N Traction and Stability Control is very cooperative, like a good co-pilot, helping when necessary but otherwise being quiet, never disturbing your driving fun and making you go even faster.

    • Rack-mounted Power Steering

      Feel the difference More than a feeling, it’s reality. With the i30 N you can enjoy new levels of steering precision and responsiveness. Because the electric motor is integrated into the steering rack, the system gives you extremely direct feedback, for instant response and enhanced stability.

    • High-performance Tires

      Made just for your i30 N Selected for delivering maximum grip and stability, 19” Pirelli P-Zero tires enhance steering response, handling, and control. The initials “HN” indicate that they have been developed to match the chassis dynamics of “Hyundai N” cars.

left side view of two men driving i30n on the corner in the factory

Everyday Sports Car

‘Performance for everyone’

detailed view of steering wheel with Hyundai logo
detailed view of drive mode button
A wide range of customizability makes N a practical, accessible vehicle for everyone

Key Technology

    • N Grin Control System

      There’s a mode for your mood Choose from Eco, Normal, Sport, N, and N Custom modes and take control of not just where you go, but how you get there. These modes change the character of the i30 N by changing the operating parameters of engine throttle response, suspension stiffness, stability control, N Corner Carving Differential, steering weight, rev-matching intensity, and exhaust sound. The N mode will put the biggest grin on your face, while the N Custom mode enables individual customization of the drive modes and is engaged and disengaged via a steering wheel button. It’s typical of Hyundai, making it all very easy and intuitive.

    • Electronic Controlled Suspension

      From urban commutes to track driving The continuously adjustable shock absorbers of the Electronically Controlled Suspension smartly manage the load transfer during cornering and provide well-balanced body and wheel control.

    • Variable Exhaust Valve

      The soundtrack to your drive The exhaust note of the i30 N matches your selected drive mode. It rises from relatively restrained in Normal mode, to a crackling “after-burn” growl in N mode, reminiscent of a WRC car during fast upshifts or on the overrun. The Variable Exhaust Valve opens in stages, which you can also select manually via the 8” display.

    • Rev Match

      Jolt-free sporty downshifting Hit the steering wheel button, and you’re on track to enjoy the fastest, smoothest downshifts you’ve ever experienced, whether you’re on a circuit or a challenging alpine road. Rev-matching automatically “blips” the throttle to synchronize the rotational speeds of the engine and transmission. This also eliminates shocks to the transmission, reducing wear and enhancing durability.

left side rear view of blue i30n on the road

Race Track Capability

‘No extra option needed’

detailed view of black color trunk
Based on robust technology that makes N perfect
for the track

Key Technology

    • Aerodynamics

      Feeling the downforce Aerodynamics that increase downforce to give you more grip through high speed corners boost the fun factor while you drive. Contributing to the impressive downforce created by the i30 N are the front splitter, the side skirts, and the double-deck rear spoiler. Their combined effect is guaranteed to minimize lift, and maximize the grin on your face.

    • Lap Timer & G-Force Meter

      Plotting your own performance You can monitor power, torque, turbo boost, and lap/acceleration timings via the N driving mode menu. So after your best laps you can check and compare your performance to see where improvements could be made. The same menu also offers customizable settings to the engine, suspension, steering, differential, rev-matching, exhaust sound, and stability control.

    • Shift Timing Indicator

      Time for a change If you see red, it’s time to change. The i30 N has an LED shift indicator that tells you when to upshift, before the rev-limiter kicks in. It’s ideal for situations when a helmet muffles engine sound or there’s no time to look at the rev counter. The indicator is located at the top of the instrument cluster.

    • Launch Control

      Getting off the line Take off like a professional. By regulating the amount of available torque when starting from a standstill, Launch Control gets you away from the line with maximum traction and minimal wheel-spin. The system allows the turbo to spool up before releasing the clutch pedal for the perfect start. Launch Control is accessed via the N drive mode.

    • Durability

      Going to extremes There’s no substitute for real-world testing, and we’ve done so in both in the heat of the desert and the frozen Scandinavian Arctic. The i30 N has also completed over 10,000 km of testing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and successfully ran the full course of the 2017 ADAC 24-hours race, also at the Nürburgring. Powerful brakes benefit from extra cooling, a substantial transverse support beam behind the rear seats to further increase body rigidity, and the N Electronic Control Suspension enables chassis adjustment to accommodate the vehicle to the characteristic of different race tracks.

    • Small Details Big Differences

      Going a step further When you're on the race track, small details make a big difference. The i30 N prefills its hydraulic brakes before hard braking for faster response and shorter stopping distance. And an improved fuel pump guarantees steady fuel supply under high g-forces on the track, even when there's only a little fuel left in the tank.

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