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two people on the construction

Feel the feeling

We don't just build cars,
We make the feeling

Same face, same place, same story
Wake me up when it’s finished, okay?
Performance has been the same for decades

Not anymore
We’re not clichéd
We are N

We’re not like anything you’ve seen before
We’re here to break the category
To create a new tribe called N
Who love the scent of petrol
Who relax to thrashing engines
Who crave performance wherever
they are

We’re bold enough to do our own thing
We’re the kid at the back with cheeky questions
Like, “why does serious performance have to be
so serious?”

N is your mischievous

We don’t just build cars we make the feeling
It’s measured in BPM not RPM

It’s not about the finish line,
it’s how you get there
It’s the indescribable rush, the hit of adrenaline
Whoever you are, wherever you’re going

Feel the feeling.

i30n in the black tone background
feel the feeeling
smoke dryer

hyundai  N  x  Tom Kuntz - Hair Dryer -

The mischievous
‘Feel the feeling’

The mischievous ‘Feel the Feeling’
campaign is all about the
rush of driving the
new high-performance N.

people are making story

Making story

Hyundai, along with legendary director and filmmaker Tom Kuntz and cinematographer Darius Khondji, collaborated together to create the ‘Feel the Feeling’ campaign for the launch of the new high-performance N lineup. The films are communicated through Kuntz’ unique and quirky perspective on N’s mischievous character, and also light-heartedly convey the rush you get from driving an N car.

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