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The most meaningful result is
the satisfaction, emotion, and
trust experienced by the customers

A global sales network that is expanding
to every corner of the world

  • Global sales trend* Unit: 1,000 vehicles

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  • Overseas sales* Unit: 1,000 vehicles

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  • Domestic sales* Unit: 1,000 vehicles

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Hyundai offers a diverse lineup of products with world-class competitiveness to customers in over 200 countries through more than 6,000 dealers and overseas regional sales and production subsidiaries. It is actively pursuing local markets by establishing production bases in key international markets. Hyundai will continue to create and build a more effective R&D, sales, and production network to expand its global market presence.

Hyundai brand value improved in 2017 with models also winning many awards

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Hyundai Motor Company’s unique quality and value

Hyundai Motor Company’s brand image has evolved from “dependable quality” to “the most satisfying brand.” Brand value grew 5% in 2017 to USD 13.2 billion versus 2016, keeping up the ranking No. 35 in Interbrand Best Global Brands 100. Hyundai Motor Company has boosted significantly its brand awareness among customers creating an enhanced profile across the areas of culture, sports, corporate social responsibility. And through its new, high quality products, Hyundai Motor Company has advanced its caring approach to connect with customers around the world.

2017 Interbrand ranking (Automotive)

2017 Interbrand ranking (Automotive)
Brand Brand value
(USD Billion)
+ / - vs 2014 2017 overall
2016 overall
1 TOYOTA 50.3 -6.0% 7 (-2) 5
2 MERCEDES-BENZ 47.8 +10.0% 9 (-) 9
3 BMW 41.5 0% 13 (-2) 11
4 HONDA 22.7 +3.0% 20 (+1) 21
5 FORD 13.6 +5.0% 33 (-) 33
13.2 +5.0% 35 (-) 35
7 AUDI 12.0 +2.0% 38 (-) 38
8 NISSAN 11.5 +4.0% 39 (+4) 43
9 VOLKSWAGEN 11.5 +1.0% 40 (-) 40
10 PORSCHE 10.1 +6.0% 48 (+2) 50
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Hyundai Motor’s powertrains named in
Ward’s AutoWorld Ten Best Engines list
for third consecutive year

Hyundai Motor’s Elantra Eco 1.4L turbo-charged DOHC 4-cylinder motor made the 2017 Ward’s Ten Best Engines list complied by Ward’s AutoWorld magazine, a world-leading, U.S.-based provider of automotive insights and analyses. This followed winning a listing in 2012 for the development of the 1.6L GDI 4-cylinder motor in the Hyundai Accent sub-compact. Hyundai Motor has been named to this prestigious list seven times. This includes the Tau engine (from 2009 to 2011), the Gamma GDI engine (in 2012), the Fuel Cell Powertrain for the Tucson ix35 Fuel Cell (in 2015), and the Sonata Plug-in Powertrain (in 2016).
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