Beyond Mobility

At Hyundai, we are going

Beyond Mobility.

Everyone looks at the world today,
At Hyundai, we go beyond.
With technology that moves us forward.
Innovations that are intuitive.
Inspired by our today, we design your tomorrow.
Some said electric is the future,
We said why stop there?
Everyone looks at the world today,
but at Hyundai, We are going beyond mobility and you are welcome to join us.

Going Beyond Mobility


Hyundai’s global vision of Progress for Humanity- to help people understand and believe that tomorrow’s hyper connected automobiles will not only have advanced technology power their core, but also have intuitive features greatly enrich their lives.’

We are what we are today due to a strong focus on ‘customer centricity.’ Our India adaptive solutions have helped us capture a huge share of mind of Smart Indians. We now aim to evolve strongly to take on the coming years with the same ferocity and passion. Our exciting journey into the future will be both socially responsible, and inspiringly innovative. We are evolving to create connected mobile experiences, our transition into providing clean, sustainable energy, ensures a better world for the next generation. True to our vision we are guided by larger belief; bettering society through emotional intelligence, and intuitive connectedness.

We will connect everyone with “Quality Time”. Our future customer will move beyond our current owners, and our focus will be to bring Quality Time to all those who engage with our brand.

Here at Hyundai, we do not settle, we are always on a mission to strive for the next big thing. Robots have already been assisting humans behind the scenes. They have also enabled us to explore previously unreachable environments, from the deep oceans to deep space. And today, robotics has the potential to greatly improve the quality of our lives at work or at home by providing the right kind of support. Our merger with Boston Dynamics represents a significant leap towards our overall goal of ‘Progress for Humanity.’ It will also allow us to expand our future mobility concept including autonomous cars, logistics and Urban Air Mobility.

Intelligent technology is at the heart of everything that we do.

At Hyundai, we are developing technologies - which are intelligent, advanced and future ready. Technologies- that deliver quality network experience for consumers. Technologies - that go beyond mobility by being a part of customer’s experience and lifestyle.
We are continuously elevating customer experiences with technologies that are intelligent, advanced and future ready. Taking customers beyond mobility with solutions that synergize with their lifestyle.
Our vision for tomorrow enabled by our new digital-ready, convenience driven approaches to pre-sales, deliveries and services is defined by customer-centered experiences and transformed product expectations.

experience new horizon

Exploring new horizons for mobility
Hyundai has proposed a future smart mobility solution that includes Urban Air Mobility, Purpose Built Vehicle, and the Hub as a network. Among them, PBVs fuse with the other two types of mobility solutions to consummate the future mobility blueprint that Hyundai has dreamed of. When UAM, the Urban Air Mobility, carries people to a smart city, they pass through the Hub to transfer to PBV – a ground transportation system – and get to their destinations.
Based on these mobility solutions, Hyundai aims to free future cities and people from constraints of time and space and allow them to create more value for quality time in their lives.


Spot® - Advanced robotics
We are now looking towards an era of advanced robotics that will take our current mobility services to new heights. One of the robots that Boston Dynamics has presented is Spot®, a quadruped walking robot that navigates terrain with unprecedented mobility, allowing you to automate routine inspection tasks and capture data safely, accurately, and frequently. And not only this, but it can also break into a dance step at your command.
A future where humanity and robots co-exist is closer than you might think. Soon, Spot® could become an assistant for visually impaired people and robots will become friends with whom we can share life’s beautiful moments.


Going beyond electric
While brands are expanding their electric portfolio, we take it beyond electric with Vehicle-to-load (V2L) technology available exclusively with the new IONIQ 5, a uniquely clean and green mobility solution. V2L allows you to freely charge or use any electric device, such as coffee pots, laptops, or a small fridge while on the move. Even after an outdoor activity such as camping, it’s still powerful enough for an easy drive back home.
Our idea of future mobility is based on our strong commitment towards society. Our purpose is to reinvent the 24 hours that we are equally given into quality time, making every moment truly worthwhile and rewarding.


Hyundai SmartSense - Level 2 ADAS
A state-of-the-art array of sensors and cameras that combine to bring together an automated safety ecosystem that alerts the driver to potential problems on the road. Through an intelligent AI interface, Hyundai SmartSense enhances your driving experience into one that is convenient and stress-free and offers maximum safety to you and your loved ones.


Our offering through Bluelink technology enabling connected mobility helps customers spend “Quality Time” with their loved ones while on the go. Designed for a connected driving experience bluelink comes with 60+ features across 8 models with 3 years of complimentary services. It is designed to perform a range of function such as Safety, Remote, VR, Maps, OTA- Navigation updates which are variant specific.Moving forward, we will engage with people, reinforce their connections and strive to create new ones at every single touch point.
We shall continue delivering India Adaptive Solutions that are best suited for our customers and their needs.

Sustainability holds the key to the future.


Our vision of future mobility is guided by our commitment to creating a better society for all. We exist to create sustainable solutions not only for our customers but also for society as a whole. Our core is to work towards the progress of society through various initiatives across verticals. Right now, we’re in the middle of what many are calling the Great Shift. We’re at the end of the industrial age and we’re shifting toward the ecological phase of human revolution. We believe business as usual is no longer an option. Sustainability generates optimism laying foundation to improve lives, offering solutions people will love us for.

The world is not ours alone. How we treat, our resources will chart the course for the future. Therefore, true to our vision, we are resolute to play our role in making the world a better place. We are committed to create a sustainable solutions for everyone. Progress for Humanity lies in sustainability.

For India’s sustainable green planet goal, a robust push in cleaner mobility is essential. The EVs are smoke-free, they do not choke environment with hydrocarbon pollution. EVs are rechargeable, involving zero-wastage of energy. They do not have even a single iota of harmful effects on human health and ecology. Launch of Kona EV was an important milestone by Hyundai towards this vision.

Kona is a versatile & powerful, all-electric SUV in India with exhilarating & innovative technology. It offers a driving range of 452Km (as per full charge, *as certified by ARAI).

Hyundai has been at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution in India, with the introduction of India’s first electric SUV—KONA Electric—in 2019. As we continue to redefine the mobility space, we have yet again showcased our commitment towards Indian customers with the announcement of expanding our BEV line-up to 6 vehicles for the Indian Market by 2028. At Hyundai, we are taking experiences Beyond Mobility and are strongly focusing on Intelligent Technology, Sustainability and Innovation. Keeping in line with this thought, we will introduce our dedicated BEV Platform E-GMP as well as modified platforms for battery electric vehicles in India.

Our focus is on positive energy. Unlike other automotive companies which are focusing solely on electrification for switching to sustainable energy, we’re driving our efforts on pioneering hydrogen energy. This is part of the Hyundai hydrogen vision - to work towards creating a world that is healthier, more inclusive, and more eco-positive.


With introduction of NEXO, the first dedicated fuel cell electric vehicle. Hyundai has set a perfect example of co-existence of cars with us and our environment, liberate us from constraints and make a big impression – without making a sound, or leaving a mark.
NEXO’s hydrogen fuel cell engine generates electricity by mixing oxygen with compressed hydrogen to create a flow of electrons. It’s intelligent, efficient, and only emits pure, clean water.


At Hyundai, we are not only working on cleaner technologies for our vehicles but also making it a movement across our factory, network and services that whatever we do, we do it with an aim to contribute towards betterment of society and nature. Our manufacturing facility at Chennai is almost self-sustainable in terms of its reliance on water.
We practice 100% rainwater harvesting at the manufacturing facility. With 6 ponds providing a total water storage capacity of 3.35 lakh kilo liters, we aim at absolute self-sustenance – targeting zero external water dependency by 2025.In addition to that, 89% of the plant’s reliance is on renewable forms of energy.

Within our network, through our Dry Wash program we have already saved around Millions of Liters of water by our this effort. Our dealerships are already lit up with LED Lights including the workshop floors of the dealerships. We are also in the course of guiding our network to install solar panels at our dealerships to shift our reliance on renewable forms of energy.

The significance of all of these efforts and actions converge with a common purpose of creating a better tomorrow. Consumers will be able to see a side of Hyundai, which truly brings prosperity to this country.

Innovations usher in a new era of choices.

We believe that progress only becomes meaningful when it is combined with a deep sense of humanity. Ever since our earliest days in India we have looked for India adaptive solutions, we have prided ourselves in precisely developing new technologies powered by and for humans. Propelled by our vision – ‘Progress for Humanity’, we have constantly pushed the boundaries and explored uncharted territories to capture the imagination of our customers and deliver exceptional driving mobility experiences. We are on the journey of an innovative transition from being a manufacturer to being a connected mobility service provider.


Hyundai in Metaverse
Going beyond the realms of real world into the metaverse, where consumers can meet new people from the world in a shared virtual space and experience hyundai motor's mobility offerings in the form of avatars,digital character representing the participating players


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Click To Buy
At Hyundai we always keep customer convenience as our prime focus. Keeping the convenience and transparency of our young buyers in mind, we introduced Click to Buy - an end-to-end online buying platform delivering complete buying experience online.
With CTB you can now select your car, compare and choose the right variant with best online quotation and easy finance options from leading banks. CTB also offers you a 360-degree view of car at the comfort of your home, special personalized discounts* for each customer, availability of safe & sanitized cars for test drive at your doorstep, complete online payment options and home delivery of cars.

We are moving forward with a vision to engage with people and strive to create every single touch point with the brand. We understand that today, it is not just about the movement from one place to other, it is rather about the augmented product experiences, usage conveniences, intuitive solutions and proactive offerings - especially bearing in mind - generation MZ. We are therefore, evolving towards creating an innovative ecosystem that takes care of everything with it –connected technology, choice of transmissions, convenience to own and lifestyle membership programs and much much more!

Beyond Mobility Namaste Installation at IGI Airport,New Delhi

Hyundai Motor India unveiled an iconic "Namaste" brand installation near the IGI Airport in New Delhi.The 30 feet tall installation formed by one robotic and human hand in wheel signifies a fusion of Human Values and Technological Advancement.
“Namaste” is an expression of respect, humility, harmony and accord, the vital qualities in any human interaction. With understanding of its spiritual context, Namaste is a truly universal greeting. By saying Namaste, the person doing it acknowledges the spiritual oneness of the spirit in the other person greeted. Hence Namaste is the highest and the most respectful form of greeting one can find in any culture of the world.

The robotic hand symbolizes Advanced Technology, that goes Beyond Mobility by being a part of customer experience and lifestyle.

The human hand in a wheel represents the integral role of humanity and we are committed to creating sustainable solutions for everyone.

Envisioning India at the heart of global manufacturing and commerce, Hyundai began its journey with the country 25 years ago towards a mutual progress. Under the aegis of our global vision 'Progress for Humanity', Hyundai Motor India will continue to drive excitement across the market through innovation in products and services. At Hyundai, we are taking experiences Beyond Mobility and are strongly focussing on Intelligent Technology, Sustainability & Innovation. As a part of our commitment to the nation, we will continue our efforts towards the betterment of society and communities ensuring the fruition of a brighter and greener future for the generation to come. The initiative is the true testament of Hyundai’s commitment to India in line with its brand direction of “Beyond Mobility”.

Brand Actions