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Fuel Saving Tips

Ensure accurate cold tyre pressure. Warm tyres exceeds cold tyres pressure by 4~5psi. Under inflated tyres can add upto 10 % to your fuel bill. Refer owner’s manual for recommended pressure for your Hyundai Vehicle.

For best fuel efficiency, maximize use of top gear and drive in an economical speed range. You can use the gear shift indicator (if equipped) to know the recommended gear for your current vehicle speed.

The fuel economy gets affected by the frequency of changing gears, sudden acceleration and braking.

Your car loses around one kilometer of travel for every three minutes of idling.

Driving with your foot resting on the clutch pedal will cause clutch slippage, resulting in more fuel consumption.

Regular service and properly tuned cars can save upto 6% fuel and avoid expensive repairs. Get your Hyundai vehicle serviced at any of our authorized service outlets across India.

Check brakes for dragging and get them checked if dragging is found.

Using poor quality fuel affects the engine’s performance and also damages essential engine components.